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What is Help to Grow: Management?

The government is offering a 90% funded business management course for Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Owners/Founders, or Senior Management Team Members.
Evidence shows improving and developing effective management practices can result in a productivity boost of up to 10% for your business.

Help to Grow: Management is a unique executive development leadership and management course designed to help you to grow your business.

How does it work?

Designed to be undertaken alongside full-time work, the time commitment is 50 hours over 12 weeks. The course is 90% funded by the government, and with a one-off fee of only £750 upfront, Help to Grow: Management is a small investment that can play a big part in securing the future of your business.
The programme is delivered by accredited business schools across the UK and facilitated by subject experts. It uses a combination of online and face-to-face sessions alongside case study workshops to allow you to apply the concepts being taught to real-life situations faced by business leaders. By the end of the course, you will have developed a tailored Growth Action Plan to help you lead and develop your business to realise its full potential.

You’ll be supported through the programme by your own mentor, as well as having the opportunity to learn from peers and network with businesses just like yours.

Who is it for?

The Help to Grow: Management course is for business owners, leaders, or senior managers from all business sectors.

To be eligible, you and your business must meet the following criteria:

Your business must:
• Be a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME)
based in the United Kingdom
• Employ between 5 and 249 people
• Have been operational for at least one year
• Not be a charity.

You must:
• Be a chief executive, owner/founder, or member of the senior management team
• Have at least one direct report
• Commit to completing all sessions.

Online and face-to-face learning will be provided, this is during Monday to Friday working hours so you will need to set aside time for this course.

If your business employs 10 to 249 employees, you are now able to send up to two participants on the course, providing they both meet all other eligibility criteria, as set out above.
A business that previously sent a participant on Small Business Leadership Programme, will be able to nominate up to two people to participate in HTGM, subject to meeting all other
eligibility criteria.

For a full rundown of this course please click here:

You will continue to receive support to grow your business through the Help to Grow: Management Alumni Network. This includes access to events, masterclasses and practical seminars, alongside other ongoing opportunities to engage with and learn from other like-minded businesses.

A Case Study of one of the courses previously run in Wales can be found here.

UCLan and Lancaster University are running this course and their course details can be found here by typing in your postcode. Other further afield providers are also running the course.

The Small Business Charter was developed by Lord Young, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, and the Chartered Association of Business Schools. In addition to providing business schools with the prestige of a nationally recognised accreditation, the business schools also benefit from access to capacity building activities, influence through nationwide advocacy, and the opportunity to deliver programmes relating to business growth.