Fylde Town Business Groups have introduced a loyalty card to reward new and loyal customers who shop with the independent retailers, hospitality, and professional service providers in their towns. Your valued patronage will help your town centre to attract new businesses and services for you to use and enjoy.


for Businesses

The Loyalty Card Scheme proves to be a game-changer for businesses involved by fostering a relationship with their local community. Beyond the immediate benefit of increased foot traffic, participating businesses enjoy heightened visibility and brand recognition through dedicated social media coverage and promotions.
The scheme incentivises repeat patronage and attracts new customers eager to partake in the exciting draw events. As shoppers accumulate stamps on their loyalty cards, a sense of connection deepens, creating a loyal customer base. Moreover, the scheme instils a collective pride in supporting fellow local enterprises, enhancing the community's overall economic health. All participant businesses are required to share the schemes social media posts to improve the audience reach, which in turn assists their own social media visability.

for Shoppers

Beyond the thrill of entering exciting prize draws, shoppers enjoy the convenience of having their favourite local businesses united under one rewarding program.
As they collect stamps with each £5 purchase, a sense of accomplishment grows, leading to the anticipation of potentially winning valuable vouchers.
The scheme promotes mindful spending and encourages exploration of a diverse range of local offerings, from boutique shops to cosy cafes. With the added element of community engagement, shoppers find themselves contributing to the vitality of their town, forging a deeper connection with the businesses they support.
It's not just about shopping; it's about fostering a sense of belonging and shared prosperity within the local community.


Friday 30th August

Friday 29th November

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Discover the businesses taking part

Kirkham List

  • Blossoming Buds
  • Blush Beauty Bar
  • Book, Bean & Ice Cream
  • Candie Bar
  • Card Outlet
  • Drapes & Shapes
  • Edward Dry cleaners
  • Enhance Beauty Bar
  • Euphoria Dance
  • Footprints
  • Greens Deli
  • Grundy’s Ironmongers
  • Jusa Homes
  • Kirkham Bierhaus
  • Kirkham Optical
  • Kirkham Pet Centre
  • Lily B’s
  • Maymans
  • Pink Tree Parties
  • PW Print Design Web
  • Red Rose Carpets
  • Reform Salon
  • Serendipity
  • Smoosh
  • The Odditorium
  • The Old Bank
  • The Picture Frame Studio
  • Therapy
  • Tile Gallery
  • UK Nail & Beauty
  • Uniform & Leisure Wear
Completed cards should be handed in at Serendipity House

Lytham List

  • Apex Cycleworks Café
  • ASC Mobility
  • Aspire Hair & Beauty
  • Berry’s Beds
  • Bijou Café
  • Bond & Bloom
  • Bosco
  • Broadhurst Optometrists
  • Celebrations Cards & Gifts
  • Chells Artisan Café
  • Clifton Arms Hotel
  • Clifton Walk Gifts
  • Danbro
  • David H Myers Opticians
  • Divino Lytham
  • Elvin’s
  • Endless Pursuits
  • Exquisite Shoes
  • Fashion Nails
  • Farina & Co
  • Guilty Couture
  • Harrison Drury Solicitors
  • Heart of the Home Lytham
  • Hello Fit Gym
  • Lanigans
  • La Tete et Tout
  • Law of Attraction
  • Le Roti Sandwich Rotisserie
  • L’Ora di Napoli
  • Lowther Pavilion Theatre
  • Lucky 13 Barbers
  • Lytham DIY
  • Lytham Gin
  • Lytham Hall
  • Millie and Mini
  • Mode Lytham
  • Mountain & Cowell Flooring
  • Piedini
  • Plackitt & Booth Booksellers
  • Puremischief Lingerie
  • Revente
  • Room Lytham
  • Sheldon Cooper Hair Design
  • Stampede
  • Sticky Chocolate
  • Stringers & Stringers Homelife
  • Strongs
  • The Deacon
  • The Courtyard
  • The Lifehouse Lytham
  • The One Lytham
  • The Rooms B&B Cafe Lytham
  • The Wild Ginger
  • Thompson & Hardwick
  • Optometrists
  • Timothy’s Jewellers
  • Toe to Soul Holistics
  • Tom Towers Tasty Cheese Shop
  • Vincents Solicitors
  • Whelan’s Fish & Chips
  • Will and Ward
Completed cards should be handed in at Bond and Bloom

St Anne's List

  • 1909 Cafe and Bar (Ansdell)
  • Always Ear
  • Ancient and Modern
  • Ashton Gardens Pavilion Cafe
  • Beachcomber
  • Bedford Hotel
  • Bella B Boutique
  • Bonney Fabrics and Wool
  • Boutique 84
  • Butty’s
  • Crafty Cottage
  • Cumbria Guesthouse
  • Fifty Four
  • First Choice Footcare
  • Fresh Cafe
  • Fylde Coast Service Centre
  • Hip Hop Interiors
  • Lifestyles Health Store
  • Locks of Love Hairdressing
  • Magic Loop
  • Margaret’s Flowers
  • Mirrie Dancer
  • Mode Hotel St. Annes
  • Powell Pastries
  • Pre-Loved Sofas
  • Ruff and Woof
  • S Lawrence Jewellers
  • Seacroft B&B and Bar
  • Spousey’s
  • Storytellers
  • The Buttery
  • The Coven
  • The Feel-Good Emporium
  • The Gaydon B&B
  • Very Vintage
  • Wild Ginger (Ansdell)
Completed cards should be handed in at Margaret's Florist

Terms and Conditions

  1. Program Goals
    Supported by the Fylde Council through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, this initiative aims to promote the charm of local towns, celebrate their individuality, and foster community and pride in Fylde as a place to live, shop, eat, drink, and do business.
    Customers can collect a loyalty card at a participating business from the 6th September 2023.
    Each town will run its own loyalty card scheme but collaboratively work together to promote #shoplocalinfylde. Customers with a scheme loyalty card will receive one stamp, per purchase over £5 in a participating business in the town the card is designated to.
    The card holder’s contact information is required on the card so that the group can advise them if they win a prize. There is no limit as to how many times a customer can complete a Kirkham, St Annes or Lytham Town Loyalty Card in a quarter. There is nothing preventing a customer from collecting a card from each town and collecting stamps in each town,
    however, only the town’s designated stamp can go on the town’s designated loyalty card.
    If a customer forgets to collect a stamp this may be given at the shopkeeper’s discretion, providing they have proof of purchase, and it is stamped within 24 hours.
    Each time a customer has completed a Kirkham, St Annes or Lytham Town loyalty card it should be returned to one of the participating businesses in the town the card is designated to, to be entered into the prize draw. The last time for entry will be 17:00hrs on the Thursday prior to the Friday draws. After this time the card will be put into the next quarter’s draw.
    Each draw will be held every three months, on the last Friday of that quarter. Winners will be notified immediately online on the group’s Facebook livestream event, or within seven working days by phone or post. First prize is £150 of high street vouchers, a second prize of £75 of high street vouchers and a third prize of £50 of high street vouchers. All vouchers can be spent in the businesses of the town you won the prize from, by the date of the next draw (i.e., 3 months).
  2. Voucher Usage
    No change will be given from using the vouchers. Vouchers cannot be swapped for cash.
  3. Card Eligibility
    Correctly completed cards will be eligible for entry into draws.
  4. Business Participation
    Some participating businesses may also have their loyalty card programs. The decision to stamp both their own and the town’s loyalty card scheme cards is at the discretion of each business.
  5. Lost or Stolen Cards
    Lost or stolen loyalty cards cannot be replaced.
  6. Data Protection and Privacy
    Contact information will be stored on any electronic device if the customer has voluntarily provided their email address to receive shopping offers and news from the business group(s). Completed loyalty cards will be destroyed after December 28th each year. All data will be handled, stored, and protected in line with relevant data protection laws, including
    GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
  7. Scheme Duration
    The loyalty card scheme’s trial period will run from July 2023 until the end of March 2025.
  8. Respect for Choices
    Customers are kindly requested to respect the decisions of those who have chosen not to participate in their town’s loyalty card scheme.
  9. Final Decision
    These terms and conditions are inclusive and not exhaustive. The decision of Kirkham Business Group, St Annes Economic Partnership, and Lytham Business Partnership is final in all matters related to the loyalty card scheme.
  10. Contact Information
    For inquiries or assistance, please get in touch with the respective business groups:
    • Kirkham Business Group – serendipityhouse@gmail.com
    • St Annes Economic Partnership – stepintostannes@gmail.com
    • Lytham Business Partnership – hello@lythambusinesspartnership.org
  11. Business Participation
    Businesses in Fylde wishing to sponsor or participate should contact their town’s representing business group listed above.
  12. Scheme Support
    This scheme is being supported through Fylde Council’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund allocation as part of the Government’s Levelling Up Agenda, in collaboration with St Annes Enterprise Partnership, Kirkham Business Group, and Lytham Business Partnership.
  13. Program Changes and Updates
    Participating businesses or the business groups are entitled to amend or update the loyalty card scheme, its terms, or participating businesses. The business groups will ensure that customers are notified of any significant changes in advance.
  14. Dispute Resolution
    Outline a process for resolving disputes or customer complaints related to the loyalty card scheme. This can include contact information for escalating issues or a reference to applicable dispute resolution mechanisms under local laws.
  15. Liability and Indemnification
    Customers should understand that neither the business groups or the participating businesses are responsible for any loss, damage, or injury incurred while participating in the scheme.
  16. Customer Acknowledgment
    It is acknowledged that customers have read, understood, and agreed to the Terms and Conditions before participating in the loyalty card scheme.
  17. Purpose and Objectives
    The Fylde Loyalty Card Scheme, #ShopLocalInFylde, is introduced to strengthen the connection between Fylde residents, the weekday workforce, and visitors with their local high streets while providing incentives for their support.
  18. Card Distribution
    Printed Loyalty Cards are available in participating businesses across Kirkham, Lytham, St Annes, and select Fylde village shops. These businesses will display the scheme’s window sticker, and customers can obtain a card by making a minimum purchase of £5 at these locations.
  19. Quarterly Prize Draw
    Upon collecting twelve stamps on their loyalty card, shoppers become eligible to enter their town’s quarterly prize draw. Prizes include high street vouchers worth £150, £75, or £50.
  20. Card Usage in Ansdell & Fairhaven
    Shoppers in Ansdell & Fairhaven businesses can stamp either their Lytham or St Annes card.
  21. Support for Local Businesses
    The scheme is designed to unite businesses across the borough, promote their offerings, and encourage local shoppers to embrace their town centres, thus supporting independent businesses.
  22. Redemption of Vouchers
    Winners’ high street vouchers are redeemable at any participating business in the town displayed on the voucher and must be spent by the next quarterly draw, with an expiry date shown.
  23. Financial Transactions
    Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash; no change will be given for underspending a voucher. Businesses will exchange vouchers for money, providing transparency with the corresponding shopper’s receipt.
  24. Sponsorship and Promotion
    The prize money is donated by supporting local business sponsors in return for a promotion package to the scheme’s audience, currently valued at £275 per quarter.
  25. Card Continuation
    If a shopper does not complete their card in the first quarter, they can continue shopping and gathering stamps until it’s completed and enter it into the next draw. They may then collect a new card and start over.
  26. Contact details for businesses seeking to participate, be reimbursed for the high street vouchers, need posters, window stickers, extra cards, or support from the team are asked to get in touch using the Lets Talk form (see main navigation bar).