What support is out there for my business?

This page is full of information on the sector support available for your business.  If your business does not fall into any of these key sectors please use the Let’s talk form and we will help you find the most appropriate alternative support available. If you’re searching for funding, try the Start section Grants and Finance.

Aerospace, Space and other Transport

The North West and Lancashire have been associated with Aerospace for decades.  One of BAe Systems’ key sites is located at Warton to the South West of Fylde Borough, employing specialists in defence manufacturing design, aeronautical construction, digital software and other support services.

However, did you also know about the NW Space Programme and support for other transport supply chains, manufacturers and users from cars to tractors, bus’s to construction vehicles? Plus the investment in Hydrogen and electric vehicle charging? Contact the Invest in Fylde Team who can align you with the most appropriate support partner/s.

Retail and Hospitality

Retail and Hospitality are key players in town centre and coastal resort vibrancy. Both contribute significantly to the GDP of the borough. The council is keen to ensure all business owners are provided with the support they need to capitalise on local events, online retail/bookings, improving their own and their workforce skills through training, and to take advantage of local peer-to-peer supply in order to shore up their sustainability.

Fylde Council is investigating the potential of developing the digital high street, facilitates and supports Town Centre partnership/business groups and is seeking funding for town centre regeneration. Support for this sector is also a priority for the County Council, especially those new to running a business and those wishing to expand and grow.

Could you offer a young person an on-the-job apprenticeship, a placement for a T-Level course or perhaps benefit from a 3rd year Uni Student undertaking some research? 

Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering

Undoubtedly a huge sector in Lancashire with a lot of cross-over in every other sector. Manufacturing and engineering whether advanced or conventional is the skeleton of any businesses involved in the creation of perhaps a new aircraft or satellite, health screening equipment, civil construction, clean energy or even a new gold club.  In addition, the sector also required adaptive and reactive technology, research and development.

Major investment has been made to support this sector from academia to programmes supporting nuclear, medical, sport and space technology to name but a few.

Food and Agriculture

Agriculture is synonymous with food production, and therefore this sector has been brought together. There is still a disconnect between the producer and consumer which has led to rising health issues from overly processed foods. The challenges Farmers face are not just in food production but also in countryside management, recruitment, climate change and rural crime to name a few.

This sector involves many none typical agriculture business types such as transport, digital, enginering, chemical, laboratories, food production, admin services, genetics so please get in touch as we can steer you to the right advisory team.

Health, Care and Wellbeing

This sector covers Organisations working across the social determinants of health including, but not limited to, the arts, sport and recreation, education and training, community development, employment support, environmental initiatives and so on.

Any business, organisation or activity that helps to improve the health and well-being of the community and the individuals within could be eligible for support. Please get in touch and we can connect you to the most appropriate Partner.