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The distinction between town and rural is slim in Fylde Borough as the majority of the area falls within the rural landscape, with enterprises of all kinds nestled within it. 

The rural area of Fylde is the birthplace of many of the Boroughs’ high-growth employers, the deliverers and manufacturers of food and drink, caretakers of the landscape, home of thousands of employees and the melting pot of amazing innovation and start-ups. 

The current offer for support wherever your business is located is extensive, and depending upon your situation the Economic Development Team can signpost you to the right delivering Partner who will discuss your needs and suggest options, or handhold you through a programme of bespoke support. 

Students sitting on haybales during a agricultural based lessonBusiness Support - The Invest in Fylde website has a wealth of support for start-ups, growth and flourishing businesses including key sector support information. We are always very keen to have a conversation to better understand your needs and get to know you and your business so we can signpost you to the best support available. Complete the form below so we can give you a call back. 

Rural Bootcamp Skills – Agricultural skills are being taught to those aged 19+ who are looking to get into Farming or some other Agriculturally based work. This course is also suited for those looking for a second career. The Bootcamp runs for 16 weeks, is fully funded and covers Tractor Driving, Record Keeping, Cattle Management, First Aid, Health and Safety in a mixture of Classroom and farm-based work experience sessions. 

Farmers and rural businesses where these skills could be utilised, and delegates can be employed after their course are being sought. If you can help please complete the form below.

Other Bootcamp type courses in other sectors for those struggling to find gainful employment or needing to change career as a consequence of late redundancy, or simply struggling to get their own business started are also available.  

Peer-to-Peer Support programmes - Working alone in a rural setting can be tough and lonely, but mutual support from fellow business organisers in the same situation can offer respite and new friendships. The benefits these sessions have had on business owners in Lancashire have been excellent and the scheme is running post-April 2023.  

Other forms of skills and training – Please keep an eye on our Events page where we round up the business-led events on offer from our support delivery Partners, also on our Skills and Training page. Tractor and spreader

Food and Drink Production – if you are creating a new food or drink product from raw materials to be developed into value-added products – from vegetables, fruit, milk into ready meals, dehydrated products, frozen or new services then there are facilities within Lancashire and the North West which can help you, including packaging and labelling.  

Apprenticeships – Horticulture, Animal-based, Arboriculture, Engineering to name a few are courses that can be undertaken as an Apprentice. There are several colleges in Lancashire providing courses from Bookkeeping, Business Studies, Plastering, Plumbing, Digital Skills and more, all of which can put you in front of potential employers and assist with CV building and interviews. See our Skills and Training section on our website.

Cyber Security – Certain TV Shows have highlighted just how technology is being used within the farming sector, from milking, harvesting, CCTV, drilling, and animal husbandry to the more mundane office work. No one is impervious to hackers, and Farmers have been caught out with malicious emails affecting critical processes on their farm. The National Cyber Security Centre has some tips on staying safe you can read. However, do not turn a blind eye. Get in the know by completing the form below and we will advise you of the next training session, in-person support and any networking events.

Farmer Network – This is a farmer-led network which has grown from the farmer groups established through the Northwest Livestock Programme. The network is run by farmers for farmers. Myerscough College supports with secretarial and treasurer skills. 

Other sources of assistance – When it comes to insurance, whole farm planning, diversification projects etc. there are a multitude of other organisations available to you such as the Princes Countryside Fund, CLA, NFU, BASC to name a few. 

Town and Parish Councils – All of the Town and Parish Councils in Fylde Borough have a website and/or a Facebook page. We cannot provide links to them all here but if you use the internet and search under the name e.g. Kirkham Town Council, Bryning with Warton Parish Council. You may wish to follow your Town or Village Council where you can keep updated with local to area news. If grants and funding, or new forms of business support become available, Fylde Council pushes out the information to them. In addition, you may wish to sign up to Fylde Council weekly newsletter which is sent out weekly. 

Have your input – Are you a rural employer? Can you help local delivery Partners shape the local technical skills provision?  Lancashire’s Local Skills Improvement Plan is part of the government’s Skills Accelerator, which aims to reshape the technical skills system to better support the needs of the local labour market and the wider economy. 

In Lancashire, the Local Skills Improvement Plan is being led by North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce and East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce. We are aiming to engage with 10,000 Lancashire employers, giving businesses a chance to set out the key changes needed to make technical skills training more responsive to employers’ skills need. Find out how you can have your say here. 

If you or someone you know needs assistance with their business, or has a skills or training requirement do get in touch with us Let’s Talk




Images courtesy of Myerscough College