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This page is full of information on how to attract a future talent pipeline to your organisation and how you might find work if you are seeking employment.

Pre-employment Training

There are a number of projects being funded by DWP and ESF to support people getting back into work, so as a business by offering jobs you are able to improve the life chances of Lancashire residents. The Skills Hub is happy to link you to funded projects which offer tailored training programmes based on the needs of local employers so that the candidates put forward are already equipped with job specific skills required to excel in their role.

These tailored courses also support recruits with recognised qualifications linked to their needs and the needs of the business. Can include some nationally recognised qualifications e.g. Food safety, CSCS etc.

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  • Improved retention of recruits
  • Pre-recruitment training to meet your business needs
  • Funded qualifications linked to your business needs
  • Fill key skill gaps in your business


These projects are funded, and the support comes at no cost to the employer.

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Skills Bootcamps

If you are struggling to recruit into technical jobs then Bootcamps offer free, flexible courses of up to 16 weeks for adults aged 19 or over who are either in work or recently unemployed. They give people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track to an interview with a local employer. The current Bootcamp offer across Lancashire covers jobs in the following sectors Digital, Rail and Engineering.



  • Promote your business or sector to your future workforce
  • Building a pipeline of new talent for your business
  • Contributing to addressing the skills gaps in your industry
  • Meet your workforce’s technical skills gaps
  • Recruit people with industry skills
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Other apprenticeships for new recruits

Apprenticeships allow people of all ages to earn whilst they learn and train for a career, gaining structured qualifications whilst acquiring valuable work experience. There’s a stereotype that Apprenticeships are only obtainable in manual trades like construction or hairdressing, but you can now do an Apprenticeship in almost any job role. Over 600 apprenticeship standards across all sectors including social media, marketing to business administration and beauty therapy, you will find Apprentices virtually anywhere. From multi-national organisations to small local companies and everywhere in between. Already, more than 130,000 employers offer Apprenticeships.

So, if you are recruiting new talent into the business by choosing an apprenticeship you build the knowledge, skills and behaviours your business needs to succeed?

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Give opportunities to young people from a wide range of backgrounds, leading to a more diverse workforce

  • Support a local young person with a step up into a career
  • Contributing to addressing the skills gaps in your industry
  • £400 a month reduction on office costs
  • 20% improvement in staff retention saving £2,500 per person in recruitment
  • £90,000 added to the bottom line through better productivity
  • 96% of employers using apprenticeships say their business has benefited
  • 83% of employers using apprenticeships rely on them to provide the skilled
  • Workers needed for the future
  • 80% of employers using apprenticeships say they reduce staff turnover
  • 76% of employers using apprenticeships say they increase overall productivity
  • 59% of employers using apprenticeships say that training is more linked to their needs
  • Boost employee performance and retention
  • Fill key skill gaps in your business
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