Kirkham has a rich tapestry of history which dates back to the Doomsday book, Kirkham was built on Carr Hill and was originally a Roman Fort, there have been exciting archaeological discoveries in Kirkham, one of which was a Roman Shield which is now on display in the British Museum.

In the late 17th century, Kirkham developed in to a thriving textile town, from around 1830 sailcloth was made in Kirkham Cottages which then developed into the large Flax Mill in Kirkham where Morrisons is now situated. Market Day is every Thursday in our cobbled Market Square and there is an Artisan Market every month

Our High Street is full of historical memories and we have an enthusiastic Cultural and Historical Team who work hard to bring Kirkham’s history to life.

Kirkham is a very special town where Community means so much and the people are so friendly and supportive.

When you walk along Kirkham High Street, it is not unusual for people to say hello and smile which is rare nowadays, the sense of Community runs through the Businesses on the high street and whenever there are events, there is always a real buzz and Community, there is also a palaple feel of pride in Kirkham and its community.

Our high street always looks clean and tidy and the businesses take a real pride in their shops and their appearance, Kirkham Town Council ensure that the town always looks lovely with its different plantings depending on the seasons and the town has won In Bloom many times.

I am proud to have a Business in Kirkham & love to see the new Businesses opening and the new housing being built, Kirkham deserves to thrive and after spending some time being overlooked, it is wonderful to see Kirkham being invested in and taking its place as the Rural Heart of the Fylde.

I am passionate about Kirkham and I would love people to come along and have a stroll around Kirkham and see both the History and the Future of this lovely market Town & come to love this town as much as we do.

Heidi Hopkinson - Kirkham Business Group

Living in Kirkham

One of the best elements of Kirkham is its fantastic Community spirit, the residents and businesses of Kirkham work together and there is a wonderful community spirit.

There are a large number of schools and churches, also lovely residential areas and well maintained parks including remembrance walk which encircles Kirkham and gives great views of Kirkham and the surrounding rural countryside.

There is a Community Centre run by Kirkham Council where there are events on weekly basis and there is a High Street running through the town where you will find Independent and Branded Businesses working side by side

Kirkham offer superb car parking facilities, all Kirkham’s car parks are free and there are plenty of spaces and easy access to the high street.

Changing Demographic

There is great family heritage within Kirkham and many of our residents have had generations of family being born and living in Kirkham, some families can trace their heritage way back. Kirkham also has lots of new families joining the community, many new houses are being built and these have meant that young families are now coming to Kirkham as well as Retired.

The Town has housing to suit all tastes and budgets. As well as older Victorian properties, Kirkham also has a number of brand new estates that are being built with a real eye for design and detail and to suit different budgets.

Superb transport links are available from Kirkham Railway station and the town is a mere 5 minutes from the M55 link motorway. We have a thriving local rural community, comprising generationally owned Family farms providing access to lots of fabulous walks and running routes that are proving very popular. Our thriving High street also offers the residents of the Kirkham area great choice whether it’s a deli, coffee shop, restaurant, boutique or Morrisons supermarket.

Annual Events in Kirkham

Annual Events in Kirkham include Kirkham Club day in June, which is a hugely supported event by local churches and schools, Kirkham Christmas lights at the end of November which is highly anticipated and attendance can run into thousands, this is celebrated with a Kirkham Christmas market along the high street and street entertainment and community involvement

There is also the Remembrance Day procession which is heavily attended and culminates at the Remembrance memorial where the Fantastic Sculptures are, these Sculptures were commissioned by Kirkham Town Council and were made by a local company, these illustrate World War Soldiers and commemorate Kirkham’s respect for these soldiers sacrifice, this is also accessed by the Memorial Walk
There is also a weekly market and a monthly artisan market, both held in Market Square.

Why Kirkham for Business?

Kirkham’s footfall is rapidly increasing and with the infrastructure investment from the Future High Street Fund and the Heritage monies, coming to Kirkham with your business is an opportunity to be at the start of something very exciting.

The Free car parking in Kirkham has become a real magnet to local shopping and the Town is also attracting footfall from further afield whether by train or by car.  The commercial rent in Kirkham is lower than in other Towns, business owners have found the lower rates and rents very beneficial, interestingly during the three Lockdowns and the two years of Covid, Kirkham only had one business close down which was due to retirement.

The Kirkham community is incredibly loyal, businesses open and quickly see that they have Local community support.  Kirkham is definately a town to look at with regard to Business investment, there teds to be very few retail spaces available at any time which illustrates the growing popularity of the town.

Kirkham also has a Business Group with a real sense of Business Community who want to all see each other succeed, our Town is about support, Community and helping each other do well.

Kirkham Future Plans

Kirkham has been awarded a series of grants topping several million to regenerate the town and improve further its community initiatives, from repurposing of a number of historic buildings, restoring the Market Square and historic shop fronts, and creating and delivering community-led cultural activities on the high street over the next three years.

It is planned to create a new Heritage and Eco Skills Centre, Arts Centre and Community Cinema, together with the re-development of empty shops and new town centre housing.

The four-year-long High Streets Heritage Action Zones’ (HSHAZ) Cultural Programme, led by Historic England, in partnership with Arts Council England and the National Lottery Heritage Fund, aims to make high streets more attractive, engaging, and vibrant places for people to live, work and spend time.

Kirkham Futures and Kirkham Treasures are all current projects working to the future of Kirkham,

Kirkham’s Cultural Consortium, which is made up of residents and volunteers from the local business community, was formed to deliver engaging community heritage art projects as part of the town’s four-year HSHAZ programme.

Funded by Historic England, Fylde Borough Council and Kirkham Town Council, the programme is designed to revive the high street, restore local historic character, revitalise disused buildings, improve health and well-being and develop a new cultural vision for the town.

I have been heavily involved with the High Street for the past 22 years. Firstly as the owner of an award winning bookshop and coffee shop and then as a Town Councillor for 17 years and Borough Councillor for 15 years.

I love Kirkham for so many reasons. First and foremost because of the community spirit and loyalty that is the life-blood of our Town. People care about each other's well-being and this showed strongly during the pandemic.

We are proud of our history and we are passionate about the future of our Town. It can often be difficult for the older generation to see changes happening to their Town but when speaking to so many residents in our community, the excitement for the future of the Town is palpable. They see the pending investment as a testament to the future of the town for many generations to come.

We all want Kirkham to give the best offer and service to all our residents and visitors. We want people to choose to come to Kirkham, love it and come back again and again.

Elaine Silverwood - Town Councillor and business owner of Book and Bean, Kirkham.