Employing Staff

The key implications of taking on employees.

Recruiting staff is a major commitment and should be approached with caution. Whilst it is often a vital step if a business is to grow, it also brings with it financial and legal implications. 

Do you really need to take on employees? 

Before taking on the responsibility of employing a new team member, please consider whether this commitment is really necessary. Can the task be outsourced or undertaken by a sub-contractor? 

Staff – finding and recruiting the right staff? 

The key thing and first step is to identify exactly what type of person is needed for the job. The next step is interviewing effectively. Various techniques and approaches increase significantly the interviewer’s understanding of the candidate’s personal qualities, motivation and skills and chances of successfully determining how they will perform. 

Do you understand your responsibilities as an employer? 

As soon as a member of staff begins work, they are entitled to certain statutory rights. These relate to health & safety, terms and conditions of employment, equal opportunities, pay and more. You must: 

  • Pay employees at least the national minimum wage. 
  • Provide staff with an itemised payslip. 
  • Provide employees with a clean and safe work environment. 
  • Offer a daily rest period. 
  • Provide a certain amount of paid holiday each year. 
  • Give at least one week of dismissal notice. 
  • Offer eligible workers statutory sick pay, statutory redundancy pay, statutory pay for maternity, paternity, adoption and shared parental leave. 

See The ACAS website for full details. 

Health & Safety 

Under British law, you’re responsible for the health & safety of all staff. 

Find out more at the Health & Safety Executive’s (HSE) website. 

See The ACAS website for full details. 

Outsourcing – Are there any tasks that can be outsourced? 

Running your own business can be exhilarating. It can allow you the freedom to work whenever and wherever you like. 

However, it can also be tiring, draining and frustrating! It can often mean working longer hours than those you originally anticipated as you struggle to do everything yourself and fit everything into your working day. Outsourcing some of your workload can ensure you protect your working time and grow your business faster and more effectively.