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Lytham’s Christmas Lights Switch On took centre stage, transforming the town into a winter wonderland of dazzling lights and joyful celebration.

Organised by the Lytham Christmas team on behalf of Lytham Business Partnership, this year’s event marked a departure from tradition, inviting the entire town to join in the merriment.

Dubbed “Light Up Lytham,” the festivities were designed to be more inclusive and accessible, creating an atmosphere where everyone could revel in the holiday spirit. The results were spectacular, drawing a record-breaking crowd of overjoyed onlookers who eagerly anticipated the magic about to unfold.

The heart of the action unfolded in the temporarily pedestrianised Clifton Street, where pop-up music, song, and dance performances captivated the audience throughout the afternoon. With acts seamlessly switching between event zones, a dynamic energy kept the town buzzing with excitement. Meanwhile, children’s characters meandered through the crowd, setting the stage for the Light up Lytham Lantern Parade to Clifton Square.

Cafes bustled with activity, and a huge sense of joy filled the air as families and friends came together for a day of celebration. The atmosphere was one of unity and happiness, capturing the true essence of the festive season.

For many, the magic of the day extended beyond the lights and performances. One touched mother shared, “It was amazing and well done. We loved every moment, and it was a truly memorable event for our adopted little boy whose autism sometimes overawes him in new situations. Not at Lytham’s Switch On. He absolutely loved every experience you gave him – Father Christmas and the elves, the sleigh, the music and the lights and happy voices; it brought a tear to our eyes. A truly traditional and happy time. The organisers all did an outstanding job, so thank you for making our little one (and everyone) feel the Christmas spirit.”

As dusk fell, the anticipation peaked as former EastEnders actor Cheryl Fergison and TV’s Bargain Hunt star Danny Sebastian took the stage for the grand switch-on. The town burst into a symphony of lights, with the towering 25-foot Christmas Tree aglow, setting the scene for an evening of on-stage entertainment.

The festivities continued with a stellar lineup of performers, including Mark Jay, Jane Dean, James Kennedy, Scarlett Hackett, Jess Hagon, and the dynamic duo of Steve Royle from Britain’s Got Talent and Emmerdale’s Tom Lister. The audience was treated to a preview of Lowther Pavilion’s panto and soulful renditions by the Lytham Community Choir and Rock Choir.

A heartfelt moment was reserved to express gratitude to the voluntary organisations that tirelessly contribute to “Lighting Up Lytham” throughout the year. Lytham In Bloom, RNLI, Lytham Club Day, Park View 4U, and Friends of Lowther were invited onto the stage to take a bow, recognising their dedication to the community.

The official After Party at The Station, featuring the rock band Rubber Giraffe, ensured that the festivities continued into the night. The dynamic street performances, presented by local groups, including Lytham Academy of Performing Arts, Scream Theatre School, Dance, etc., added a touch of theatrical magic to the streets.

Special thanks were extended to Intrak for managing the Event Zones, Charity Shops Brian House, Trinity & Mind, Hallmark Thorntons, Fylde Soroptimists, Wesleys, and all the cafes and restaurants that generously contributed to the success of the event.

As St Peter’s Choir serenaded the crowd, participants, including families with homemade lanterns, gathered, creating a sense of togetherness in the fading light.

“Light Up Lytham” was more than a switch-on event; it was a testament to the power of community spirit and the magic that happens when people come together. As the lights danced in the night sky, Lytham was aglow with festive brilliance and the warmth of shared joy.

As we reflect on this unforgettable celebration, let’s carry the spirit of “Light Up Lytham” forward, keeping our community vibrant and connected. May the glow of these festive lights inspire us to continue supporting each other and cherishing the magic of our local town throughout the holiday season and beyond.